About Us

The Western Railway club was founded in 1898 as a non-profit professional organization for the railroad industry. Its mission then, as now, is to promote the railroad industry by providing a place for railroad industry employees, railroad/railway suppliers, and associated industries to meet and nurture their professional and personal relationships – as well as to keep members informed of issues that affect the railroad industry.

Our mission is to keep the camaraderie that the railroad industry has been historically known for alive and well, while being a source for up-to-the-minute industry information and trends.

Although the Club’s by-laws have been amended over the last 100+ years, we like to think that the Western Railway Club meetings, usually involving a delicious dinner, aren’t much different than those held at the turn of the century.

The Club is governed by a Board of Directors and, if you reviewed a roster of past Board and Club members, you would find the names of many well-known railroaders serving on our board.

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Current Board Directors

Mr. Rob Sech
Wells Fargo Rail
Vice President
Mr. Steve M. Cork
2nd Vice President
Mr. Gary Rogers, Jr.
New York Air Brake

Directors & Past Presidents

Mr. Carl Graziano
S.C.S. Industries, Inc.
Mr. Donley Forrest
The Greenbrier Companies
Mr. Michael Franke
Amtrak (retired)
Mr. Ted Baun
PNW Railcars
Keith L. Bouquet
National Steel Car
Mr. Herbert Smith
Norfolk Southern Corporation
Mr. Jeff Wood
Trinity Industries
Mr. Bob Peters
Progress Rail
Mr. Michael Ring
Strato, Inc.
Mr. Andrew Fox
Overland Limited Associates, Inc.
Consultant to Anacostia Rail Holdings
Ms. Heather Disabato
Publishing, Railway Division