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Railroader of the Year: Railway Age Names Western Railway Club Member 2023 Railroader of the Year!


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Providing a place for industry professionals to meet and nurture their professional and personal relationships.

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Our Mission is to keep members informed of issues that affect the railroad industry.

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Western Railway Club serves as a source for up-to-the-minute industry information and trends.


The Western Railway Club is one of the premier associations still very active in the railroad industry and railway supply industry. The organization was established in the late 1880’s, and has been very much involved in the promotion of dialogue and the exchange of information within the railroad industry for well over 120 years.

The Club has a rich history of providing a forum for distinguished speakers from not only the railroad industry, but also from federal, state and local government agencies. Many Class 1 Presidents and CEO’s have addressed the Club, providing insight and broad introspection on their operations. Major leasing company executives have also spoken before the Club.

The membership of the Western Railway Club consists of a broad cross-section of the railroad industry that includes the railroads, leasing companies, and companies that supply virtually all of the components used in the manufacture of freight and passenger cars.

The Western Railway Club is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to keep our members apprised of current rail industry issues and events. Membership is open to anyone in the rail industry. Joining the Western Railway Club will give you the opportunity to attend our dinner meetings and network with other Club members during the pre-dinner reception hour. Click here to learn more about membership opportunities in the Western Railway Club.

Direction of the Club is vested in a Board of Directors, who provides oversight and leadership to the organization.

The Club has five dinner meetings each year. The meetings are held at the Union League Club of Chicago, usually on the second Tuesday of the chosen month. For the current Club calendar of upcoming meetings, click here.

The highlight meeting of the year occurs in March of each year when the Club joins with Railway Age magazine in hosting the Railroader of the Year. This honor is bestowed upon the railroad official found to have been the most influential in the railroad industry for the previous year in promoting the well being of their respective railroad, as well as the railroad industry as a whole. This dinner usually attracts over 400 guests.

To learn more about the Western Railway Club, our members, or to inquire about membership opportunities, please contact us by phone at (847) 877-1514, by e-mail at, or contact us online.

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